Engineering the Future of Work

IET’s Engineering the Future of Work was a one-day confluence to create a neutral, credible and inclusive platform to address one of the most complex workforces in the world  – the Indian workforce. We also launched ‘IET’s Future of Work Playbook’ a comprehensive guide to navigate the ever changing the world of work.

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Engineering the Future of Work

IET India’s ‘Engineering the Future of Work’ is a one-day confluence of the work ecosystem of India. The event aims to create expert think tanks that will work with relevant stakeholders to build sustainable roadmaps for the future. Be a part of the conversation to know more.

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What's in Store?

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Super Keynotes

Democratising the Future of Work in India

Creating a Society that is Future of Work ready

Panel Discussions

New Staffing Models and the Gig Economy

Impact of AI and Automation on Job Security

Fireside Chats

Learning and Skilling for the future

Workplaces of the Future

Future of Blue-Collar Work in India

Reasons to Attend

Be among the first few to get a preview copy of India’s 1st Playbook for Engineering the Future of Work – A guide to navigate the changing world of work for India

Get access to cutting edge data and Analytics around predictive work behaviour and future scenarios

Get a chance to be part of the ecosystem that will create and lead the Future of work conversation in the region

Network with international players from diverse ecosystems who are shaping the world of work

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Key takeaways from our first #digital conversation
We are in the biggest #Work experiment in history. The current #Covid-19 scenario presents us with an opportunity of life-time: to #reskill and discover new skills, platforms and ways of working @shekhar_sanyal @lux_rao @mbahl

#IETIndia Digital Conversation Series:
To navigate smoothly during today's pandemic, 3 things are essential:
1. #Reskill and #upskill, with focus on life long learning
2. Engaging and consuming new #content
3. Effective use of #technology to make #remote work sustainable

#IETIndia Digital Conversation Series:
@mbahl, "Skills today have become like mobile apps that need continuous updates. Future of #career is 'CAREERS' where individuals will have to #reskills and upgrade their #skills to stay relevant"
#webinar #WorkFromHome #Quarantine

#IETIndia Conversation Series:
@lux_rao- #Technology can enable us get a 'near real experience' by providing seamless #connect anytime and anywhere, promote #teamcollaboration, enable #secure access and track productivity.
#webinar #DigitalIndia #WorkFromHome #Quarantine

Our first #digital conversation on "Navigating your #career through #Covid-19" has begun. Have you joined yet?

@shekhar_sanyal @lux_rao @mbahl
#webinar #DigitalIndia #IETIndia #DigitalTransformation #WorkFromHome #Quarantine

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology is one of world’s largest professional societies for engineers headquartered in the UK. Soon to turn 150 years, the IET works closely with industry, academia and government in its mission to engineer a better world. In India, the IET is committed to positively impact the skills and competency of the Indian engineering ecosystem.

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